Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Poll Results-Entry Ticket from 11/9/16

We are missing 3 votes!  What happened?

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  1. Mabel
    With human science, the ways of knowing that are most used in this area are sense perception and language. Since human science is essentially the investigation of human interactions and activity obtained through impartial observation of sensory experience, our senses are a necessary tool in order for us to investigate our human activity and gain knowledge through that. Language allows us to be able to share and evaluate knowledge that we gained through sense perception, amongst one another. It allows uncomplicated communication between the people that study the same and different concepts under the scope of human science. If information is gathered and shared amongst one another, solutions to problems we face may become more transparent. With social science for example, this area of knowledge is used to improve human conditions. So if people who study a form of human science such as economist, can look into different aspects of a specific problem, then come together with an open mind to develop theories that explain observed facts that affect the overall problem


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