Sunday, October 9, 2016

Recap of where have been and where we are...

We have navigated through (using Project-Based Learning):
  • AOK that did not get the vote & 
  • The WOK that would not get emphasis.

AOK: Art, Mathematics, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
WOK: Imagination, Faith, and Intuition

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Blog posts should be redone by tomorrow morning to emphasize implications.

We are moving into History as an AOK


  1. Mariatu pt 1
    I found these tests very interesting while doing them in class. The tests I took were the ones debating if I think of weapons being in the hands of black people versus white people and if I preferred Arab-Muslims versus “Other People”. With the Weapons test, there were many implications. I noticed how when there was a picture of a black person, their face showed more so that it was easy for me to identify them as black. There was no way I would get the answer wrong in this case. For those who were white, I saw less of their face in my opinion. Most of the time I would identify them correctly as a white person but other times I honestly wouldn’t know what to put them down as. When I had to identify them I had trouble with the keys “E” and “I” when they were switched around because I was so used to them being positioned the way they were in the first series of tests. From this, I can conclude that they were obviously trying to play with our minds and test us to to see if we actually meant the answer that we did or we were just confused. Being that the criteria was switched also tells me that they want to be able to see if we are really paying attention or not. In the article,“Black-on-Black Racism: The Hazards of Implicit Bias”, the author talks about his test results being a “strong automatic preference for European Americans compared to African Americans” but doesn’t go into detail of how that came about. More details on the results would have been interesting to me. Looking at the news, they always affiliate the black person as the one who most likely is carrying a weapon or is responsible for something of that sort. My results made me feel some type of way because I feel as though if I could figure out the “white faces” as easily as I could the blacks my results wouldn’t come down to being moderate automatic associations with blacks. The tests that consist of deciding whether I prefer Arab-Muslims versus “Other People” wasn’t easily read. First off, I didn’t know how this could be tested until I saw that I had to distinguish Muslim names versus “regular” ones that belonged to “Other People”. What if a Muslim name seemed like a regular name to someone else? What if a name that seemed regular seemed like a Muslim name to someone? I just didn’t understand how it was valid. For example, the name “Khalid” popped up and I was stuck on whether it was an Arab-Muslim name or regular because I know people who are far from Arab-Muslim with that name so I didn’t know whether to state it was an Arab-Muslim name or not. I ended up stating that it was an Arab-Muslim name and it was correct. I’m confused on how someone could have an “Arab-Muslim” name in the first place. Implications of this include that people with names that sound like it could be “Arab-Muslim” are Arab-Muslim names. Because of my religion, any name that comes from the Quran is considered an Arabic name. So in my eyes, if your name doesn’t come the Quran then your name isn’t actually Arabic.

  2. Mariatu pt 2
    I can also consider that they don’t really understand the true meaning behind one’s language. It’s like me saying that because my name is Alena my name is American because some American girls have that name. When you do the research, Alena is actually a German name - comes from the name Helena. You can’t pinpoint a race with a name that easily without knowing the history. Doing this activity reminded me of someone automatically being accused of something because of their name. For example, if someone was shot and the suspects were between a person named Rodney and Bob; the way society thinks today they (some) would automatically link it to the black person. Just because you have a certain name doesn’t mean that you should be affiliated in a certain way, group, etc. In the first article, their main discussion is based on how white teachers rate white kids higher than blacks. From this, I can imply that teachers have expectations for different types of people. In history class, we always have discussions about different expectations of certain people for example, the Authoritarian Rulers. Idi Amin Dada from most people was expected to be mean based on his looks and race (black). Pol Pot wasn’t of black decent and was “read” wrong. You shouldn’t have to link race to anyone’s ability to do something because you never know what they are capable of.


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