Thursday, February 18, 2016

Switching gears isn't easy!!

We have had interruptions with weather and my more recent illness, but we are back on track!

I am juggling TOK external assessments with 12th graders while starting you on your TOK journey.
Bear with me!

Reminders & Updates:

1.  Notes will be redistributed on Monday 2/22/16.

3.  Revised Responses of 3 Questions from Personal Profile are due 2/26/16

4.  Photomontages (turnitin): Dominant & Subculture are due 3/3/16  3/11/16

5.  Completion of Annotations of "The Arrival" and Paired Podcast 3/9/16

Our current focus is on culture!  What lies beneath the iceberg?



  1. Group 4: Jody- Ann, Shania, Aniyah, Bintou, Tamara, MariatuFebruary 24, 2016 at 11:50 AM

    Big Ideas:
    1. Self identity/conflict
    2. Society's effects on one's culture.

  2. Alexander,Jenifer,Efi,Ethel,and Brea
    -Living in the moment leads to understanding one's own culture
    -Modernization leads to acceptance to your own culture.
    We saw the american way of living, but yet they still were connecting to nature through their travels.

  3. Group 3: Aakilah,Hannah, Priscilla, Lindsay, Sabeena

    People in the United States are oblivious to situations in other nations until it affects us personally.

    When you are a minority, you are more open and understanding of other peoples cultures.

  4. Article 2
    1). Sometimes we consider one culture having one type of perspective but in this article it becomes apparent that there are multiple perspectives within one culture.

    2). The difference between social norms in both Mexico and The United States.
    *There is a greater sense of independence in America for both men and women in the US than in Mexico

    Jasmine,Mabel, Emonee, Yared, Jefferson

  5. Group 1. Remi, Jeneva, Beltine, Camiella, Claire- 1. Your environment and surroundings have a lot to do with how you view yourself 2. You can't allow your future to diminish your knowledge of your culture.


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