Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PBL Updates

We have done the following thus far:
1.  Defined Poverty 
2.  Compared it to quotes and proverbs
3.  Learned the difference between absolute and relative poverty
4.  Read TOK Chapters: History, Human Sciences, & Mathematics
5.  Read articles about the relationship between poverty and the TOK chapters
6.  Took a closer look at Uganda and the PPI Questionnaire
7.  Reflected on what we have covered so far
8.  Selected a country for research in small groups

What are we doing now?:
1.  Diving into the research for that country & making value judgements
2.  Taking a stance on the essential question
3.  Reading, synthesizing and posting on the strengths & limitations of data
4.  Reviewing the rubrics & TED 10 Commandments
5.  Watching & critiquing TED talks
6.  Building stories to tell in TED talks
7.  Practicing & getting expert help on delivering TED talks
8.  Delivering  & Celebrating TED Talk Achievements 11/30/15

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