Friday, November 20, 2015

Monday: Are you reviewing the rubrics? Where are you? Self-Grade!

1.  Slides with images and/or words should be built out in Google Slides or Haiku Deck (or an alternative)

          ~Images should be high resolution with no pixel distortions
          ~Images should not be copywritten (use morgue file; wikimedia; Google [advanced setting])
          ~Images should be tasteful, but thought-provoking and impactful 
          ~Images should tell the story visually
          ~Images could be a word cloud (wordle, tagul, tagxedo) or an infographic (canva, piktochart)

2.  Script to accompany each image should be completed

          ~Script should have a beginning, middle, and end
          ~Script should have pathos, logos, and ethos
          ~Script should have a thesis

3.  How will you deliver this TED-Like talk?

          ~Pregnant Pauses?
          ~Body Language?
          ~Eye contact?

This will be our schedule for Monday:

FOOD:  11-11:20 am
With Pat: 11:20-11:40- Nadia, Victoria, and Camilla
With Pat: 11:40-12:00- Chamira, Mubeen, and Tiyra
With Pat: 12:00-12:20- Stephanie, Jesse, and Esther
With Pat: 12:20-12:40- Taylor, Esmeralda, and John
With Pat: 12:40-1:00-   Joycelyn, Temitope, and Awura

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