Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Finishing up the Arts as an AOK
Jigsawed Homework: Submission via Turnitin
Friday 9/18 11:59 pm

What is Art? Tolstoy
Gist of Reading
 Connections to Arts Chapter

Notes Natural Sciences Chapter
Tuesday 9/22/15

Mock IA Presentations
Moved to 9/28/15

Reflection on Arts as an AOK
9/24/15 7am

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  1. Nadia
    Historical Development Article #2 A Sonnet Without Love: Claude McKay's Poetry Riddled with Hate, Startling Reality, and Voyeurism

    This article is about 20th century poet Claude McKay. McKay wrote sonnets infused with "life long hate," that challenged sonnet ideals. He created tension with juxtaposition between strict form and molten subject. In his poem "The Harlem Dancer," McKay used an exotic dancer in a gentlemen's club to illustrate segregated African Americans trying to exist beyond their predetermined social contexts. In his poem "The Lynching," McKay used people's reactions to a man who has been hung for an unforgivable sin, to represent the uninhibited voyeurism that enraptures society. In both poems, there are onlookers who get a perpetual sense of satisfaction in the failures of others, bringing out McKay's idea that society is voyeuristic.


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