Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This week and next

 3/10/15 Skype Session with Dr. Middleton

Preparation for Skype Session: 
  1. Consider this situation--either recently or in the past--in which you acted aggressively (aggression can include attacking someone verbally such as name calling; physical aggression; or 'property destruction' such as throwing something).  Consider the context (e.g., what were you doing beforehand, where and when did it happen, etc.) and then take note of what you were thinking at the time as well as how you felt. 
  2. Check the website LessWrong:    Sophisticated Critical Thinking Blog

Chapter Notes Activity 3&4- In Class Presentations 3/12/15 3/16/15

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Resubmissions of Knower's Profiles and/or Photomontages 3/20/15

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