Thursday, December 18, 2014

January Updates: Over the Break

Please review the shared calendar!

 Converse with group members on Padlet Wall

#1:  Unpack the question
 #2:  What do you understand about the question
#3:  Run ideas past group members for feedback
#4: Ask questions for clarification

 Outline your Theory of Knowledge Prescribed Title

#1:  Develop a plan to tackle the essay
#2: Provide a focus
#3: Review the flow of information
#4: Review for completeness
#5: Check outline against rubric

Seminar: Ethics Related Text-January 5, 2015
 Cold Text: No Preparation Required
Ethics Chapter Notes:  January 9th, 2015 
 Please review the rubric for note-taking criteria
 Newseum Field Trip January 13, 2015
 Please let parents know the date change

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