Thursday, October 16, 2014

Discussion Questions: 10/16/14

“Under the most rigorously controlled
conditions of pressure, temperature,
humidity, and other variables, the organism
will do exactly as it pleases” (Anon). In
what ways and to what extent are the objects
of study in the natural and the human
sciences similar or different?

In what ways might the beliefs and interests
of human scientists influence their
conclusions? Do the same considerations
apply in other areas of knowledge such as
the natural sciences or mathematics?

Are the human sciences, as a whole,
fundamentally different from the natural
sciences? Or are there sometimes surprising
similarities between the two areas in, for
example, the ways they use models and
theories, their methods for collecting data,
the nature of facts, the role of observation
and experimentation, the impact of the
observer on the observed phenomena,
quantification, falsifiability, precise
prediction, identification of constants, and
the degree of complexity of the phenomena

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