Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Agenda: 10/29/14 Odds & Ends

Learning Target (the what):  Students will identify and construct main ideas, questions, and implications of journal articles individually.

Language Target (the how):  Students will discuss and evaluate their insights of articles in their pairs using of Theory of Knowledge vocabulary.

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  1. Uchechi
    3A Continuing…

    Only a collective mass of people can help put an end to the crisis that the indigenous people around the globe are facing, and this includes documenting these cultures and starting a new dialogue through the use of language. Nelson uses his book full of photography to start this intrinsic dialogue with tribal people. A new dialogue is one of the many ways citizens of the Western world and indigenous tribe people can learn from each other. Indigenous people have a role to play as well. The problem lies on the fact that they lose sense of where they have come from due to the fact that they have been prejudiced against in a harsh manner. Because of this problem, indigenous people find it impossible to make any sense of the present or what they should know in the future. That is why it is important for indigenous people to know their worth and identity despite challenging circumstances. It is only then that both sides of the spectrum (Western world and indigenous cultures) will become connected in such a way one can never imagine.


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