Monday, September 1, 2014

Invisible Man Seminar Questions

We will move this to Wednesday of next week: 9/10/14
¨“Good literature  has the ability to make you feel whatever it is trying to portray to you. Your inner eye (as well as your other inner senses) becomes stimulated by words on a page and the experience of reading becomes much more than just staring at glyphs on a sheet of paper .”
Choose a passage from Invisible Man and explain your thinking as it pertains to the quote above.

¨“One recurrent pattern in literature that almost fuses plot and character development is the progress from a state of lesser knowledge to greater knowledge; the process of knowing and coming to understand is often called a movement from innocence to experience. Major characters come to understand themselves, other people, or surrounding situations more fully (though often not completely) perhaps as the result of an experience — sometimes disillusioning”

¨How has the narrator in Invisible Man moved from innocence to experience?  Has he become disillusioned? Explain your thinking.

Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth…~Picasso
How does this apply to Invisible Man?

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