Friday, September 26, 2014

Independent Activities for Friday 9/26/14

1.  Complete Sign-Up and Intro in Know My World Google Community

2.  Using the articles we spent the last two classes on in groups complete the following:

All Articles, Dali Painting, and Lesson are in G Drive in Arts Folder

Answer the essential question that applies to your group's articles and focus:

Do the arts reflect or shape culture?
What is art and its purpose?
Are artists born or learned?

Consider the following:

1.  Identified weaknesses from the Geddit Entry Ticket
2.  Take a stance on the question (define key terms from essential question)
3.  Support and explain your stance with the article you read
4.  Identify and explore a counterclaim (not a hypothetical)
5.  Implications
6.  So what (why should we care)

Consider this a mini-ToK Paper so do not waste chatting in class

Due to substitute teacher and end of class (no exceptions)

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