Thursday, September 18, 2014

Classwork Activity 9/18/14

Essential Questions for Consideration:

Do the arts reflect or shape culture?
What is art and its purpose?
Are artists born or learned?

Learning Target (the what):  Students will identify and construct main ideas, questions, and implications of journal articles in expert groups.

Language Target (the how):  Students will discuss and evaluate their insights of articles in jigsaw groups using of Theory of Knowledge vocabulary.

(AOK, WOK, belief, certainty, culture, evidence, experience, explanation, interpretation, intuition, justification, truth and values)

What are the:

Main Ideas (annotate and/or highlight)
Questions you have about the reading
How do the articles answer the Essential Questions
Implications you formed from the reading 
Knowledge Questions (Add to Running Record) 

Hispanic Artist-Salvador Dali
The Persistence of Memory 
Artist's Intent? Aesthetic? Viewer Perception?

Entry Ticket-Passage from Invisible Man:

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