Saturday, May 31, 2014


Final Draft of Pleasing Design Essay:  6/3/14 7:15 am

e-Reflections:  Reason & Emotion due 6/6/14

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  1. Catherine O.
    Using the old rubric I feel like I did relatively well. I followed through with what the rubric expected. However I did not do more than what was expected and explore aspects of the essay. I did well on understanding the knowledge issues and my essay maintained its focus on the knowledge issues which are relevant to the prescribed title. I showed a good understanding, but I don’t feel like I showed a sophisticated understanding. The essay had much evidence on independent thinking about the knowledge issue, but the essay was not very personal, and it didn’t have much self-awareness on my part. I explored the knowledge issue and all main points and arguments are justified to the best if my abilities. However, with my counterclaims I probably should have explored and went more in depth in order to support my argument. I did well on organizing my ideas—the essay was well structured, the world limit was adhered to and factual information that I cited was used.
    With the new rubric, I feel like I did very good or a level 4. I kept a clear focus on the knowledge issue and made sure they connected to the prescribed title. I stated different perspectives but I did not investigate and explore this different perspectives. I linked them well with the AOKs and Woks, but I probably should have went more in depth with the WOK of language. Arguments were clear, counterclaims were explored and I also had implications. I spent a lot of time and effort on this essay and I also got help and advice from teachers and peers. I took all the advice and made sure to change the essay to reach the expectations of the IB rubric.


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