Friday, March 7, 2014

Week of 3/10/14

1.  We wrapped up the language chapter with Umbrellalogy
2.  We read and annotated the chapter on Perception
3.  Our focus for the next two weeks will be on Perception


1.  e-Reflection entry on one of the following 3/14/14 7am:
      ~Body Language
      ~Connection from another IB class (language or perception) 
      ~Guest speaker on Wednesday

2.  Revision of Knower's Profile by 3/14/14 7am


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  1. Sunny 3A
    Commentary: Eyewitness Testimony
    • Perception played a big role throughout both videos
    • Trying to remember a person face while being asked “Do you see the person in this court room who committed the crime?” can change your whole out view.
    • DNA can change a perception on a person
    • An innocent person may look like the exact person who created the crime.
    • Jennifer Thompson the eyewitness had a perception of her own of her rapist.
    • She studied him up and down she said.
    • When being asked to pick a picture of the man she chose the same man she picked in the lineup.
    • Ron Cotton said he felt a weird vibe while talking to Bobby Pool. It may be because of Bobby Pools Language of not what he said but how he said it. Or his body language how he was standing how he gave off his body language after Ron Cotton have confronted him. This Reminds me of the exercise Ms.Swift had us do with the body language and language chapter with the partners.
    • Jennifer Thompson chose Ron Cotton again in the second trail because her perception did not change of the man even though Bobby Pools was the right guy the image of Ron Cotton stood out.
    • Many people may not have the outcome that Jennifer Thompson and Ron Cotton have today after Bobby Pool was shown he was the true criminal , Reminds me of myself and now my best friend and how she thought of me because of how I sat she would say.
    • Today Jennifer and Ron have a great friendship….. Other people’s perception after hearing the story of how they became friends may be “How could you be friends with her after her through you in jail after 11 years”. Or “I admire you both showing forgiveness and building a strong friendship.”
    • All determines how the person is raised, thinks, beliefs, morals, or see in everyday life.
    The two videos showed me of how you can accidently mistake people of crimes by how you think someone looks, from the perception you give off and description. May or may not actually be the person. It resembles your mind playing tricks on you. While you try to remember who the suspect is, while all along the person is not one of the people in the lineup given to you. So your mind takes the closes person that looks like the actual criminal because that is your perception that is who you see. And when seeing the actual criminal you do not believe it because your mind is set on the person you choose.


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