Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Schedule for IAs T, W (after school), and Th

Wednesday Class Presenters

Sagen                                         11:00am
Charles                                      11:10am
Ashanti & Ya-Marie                 11:55am
Shaunakay & Juwan                12:15pm
Ben                                            12:35pm

Thursday Afternoon Presenters

Maxwell                                      2:45pm
Yeni & Edwin                             3:00pm
Kolleen                                        3:20pm
Mario, George and Jamilet       3:30pm

Friday Class Presenters (lunch Friday)

Odunayo, Jose and Blanca          11:00am
Paola, Nya and Hyon                  11:30am
 Esther, Meng and DJ                  12:00pm
Ganiu & Cynthia                         12:30pm

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