Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lives of a Cell: Lewis Thomas due by Tuesday 11/12/13 7am

Assigned Portions:

Everyone will read from the beginning of the text up to "Thoughts of a Countdown"

        Name                                                   Section Assignment

  1. Kolleen                                       Thoughts of a Countdown
  2. Edwin                                          On Societies as Organisms
  3. George                                        A Fear of Pheromones
  4. Yeni                                             The Music of This Sphere
  5. Jose                                             An Earnest Proposal
  6. Juwan                                         Vibes
  7. Shaunakay                                 Ceti
  8. Ashanti                                       The Long Habit
  9. Mario                                          Antaeus in Manhattan
  10. Charles                                       The MBL
  11. Odunayo                                     Autonomy
  12. Cynthia                                      Organelles as Organisms
  13. Esther                                        Germs
  14. Nya                                            Your Very Good Health
  15. Meng                                          Social Talk
  16. Paola                                          Information
  17. Hyon                                          Death in the Open
  18. DJ                                              Natural Sciences
  19. Maxwell                                    Natural Man
  20. Ganiu                                         The Iks
  21. Jamilet                                       Computers
  22. Ben                                            The Planning of Science
  23. Blanca                                        Some Biomythology
  24. Ya-Marie                                   On Various Words
  25. Sagen                                         Living Language
  26. Swift                                          On Probability and Possibility
Everyone will read "The World's Biggest Membrane" at the end of the book

Please use the comment feature by highlighting the text you want to discuss and then going to insert and making a comment.
Commentary could include the following (do as much as you can for your section):

~Truth Tests (coherence, pragmatic or correspondence)
~Scientific Language
~Implications of your section
~Scientific Theory/Law
~Paradigm Shift
~Reasoning (inductive/deductive/lateral/circular)
~Nature of Science

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