Thursday, September 26, 2013

Homework Due 10/7/13 (2 activities)

Directions will be given in class & reiterated here after 10/1/13

Please do an audio instead for the person you interview.  Send me the file electronically.

Adapted from BIHS Global History OPLV Unit One 

 e-Reflection Journal entry due by 10/7/13 7am
Please review the parameters of the e-Reflections

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Activities/Lessons from other classes
  • CAS Activities (HHP or another one)
  • The Arts Chapter 
    • Infographics
    • Color and Culture
    • Summer Read
    • Helena
    • Battle of Adwa
    • Socrates/Tolstoy
  • The History Chapter
    • Order By Cheque (Exeter Family)
    • Lincoln & Tad (2 paintings & 2 news articles)
    • Pygmalion by Robert Colescott
    • Patriotism
    • Autobiographical Assignment

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