Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ethical Scenarios

Select ONE
What would you do?  Why?

Ethical Scenarios
1.     You find a wallet containing $500. No one sees you pick it up. There is a name inside of the wallet. But, you don't know the owner. In fact, you're not even sure if the address is close to your house. Again, you look around and realize that nobody saw you. No one needs to know that you found the wallet. What will you do?

2.     Your best friend makes fun of your 10th grade math teacher everyday. Usually, it is just when the two of you are alone. Other times, he does it when you're with friends. He even smarts off in class, poking fun of the teacher. Your response is to laugh along whether you’re alone with your friend or when he pokes fun in front of the teacher or when you're with other kids. It's starting to get old, and you no longer find his actions funny. But you don't know what to do. When you mention this to your friend, he tells you to lighten up - it's no big deal. How do you respond?

3.     Over the intercom at your middle school, the dean announces that a teacher's laptop has been stolen from her classroom. If it is not turned in by the afternoon, a locker search will take place. You remember that when you came to school this morning, you noticed that the kid whose locker is next to yours was stuffing what looked like a laptop in his backpack. Do you go down to the office and share what you know with the dean? Do you find the kid and ask if he took it? Maybe he'll give you some money (which you really could use) to have you keep quiet. How should you proceed?

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