Wednesday, April 17, 2013

e-Reflection Journal Entry

Movie: Alive
Due by 11:59 pm Friday 4/19/13
Please consider the following:

Where morals come from? (refer to handout)
WOK that were evident with the characters
Steps in ethical decision making

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  1. From the ending portion of the film that I had seen last class, the main Ways of Knowing that the film expressed were battles between Emotion and Reasoning. It was Emotion that was the main drive for the two characters who eventually came across the fields of green and a change of scenery. It was also Emotion that convinced them that there was still some sense of hope for survival, although Reason would explain to them that a simple change of scenery does not ensure hope or a higher chance of extended survival. Emotion, a feeling of hope and faith that they would see better days, proved to be a greater motivation for trekking the mountains than how Reason proved as motivation for others in the camp to stay alive. One could see many clashes between the members of the group that shared a Reason approach when it came to survival, and those who held an Emotional approach. The logic behind trekking a mountain with close to no resources or food, sense of direction, and proper equipment and clothing was far from practical. However, the Emotional drive to survive, more popularly known as "the will to live" far exceeded these logical barriers, enabling the last two members to not only reach the change of scenery that they were searching for, but to self-motivate themselves to continue until help was found.



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