Friday, February 15, 2013

Internal Assessment Preparation

1.  Technology Needs Assessment Needs Form:  LINK

2.  I hope you are using email to correspond with your group.  You may want to establish a chat using today's meet for asynchronous discussions.

3.  I emailed you the video tutorial for Google Forms for collecting Data along with suggested sites to highlight the results of your data.

4.  Suggested presentation tools include (limit your text please; the image and key words are enough):

Slide Rocket
Slide Shark
Haiku Deck (apple)
Keynote (apple)
Deck (apple & google play)

tubechop to shorten youtube vids

5.  Develop note cards, complete your part, and do your part of the presentation.  

6.  If you have questions, then feel free to use the comment feature below or email me.

7. Review the checklist for the presentation & the rubric for it (page 17)

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