Monday, December 3, 2012

Explore the Delicious TOK e-Stack

The only way you will peruse the resources is if I assign it!

Well here it is!

Take tonight to go into the stack and be prepared to tell me what article or video that we have not covered in class that you will summarize, discuss implications and/or conclusions and infer a knowledge issue. 

Additionally, be prepared to tell us what WOK and/or AOK to which the text in the e-Stack connects.

1.  In class (on Tuesday), I will make a list and the assignment will then be due by Thursday.

2.  You will email the assignment to me and bring a printed copy.

3.  Please cite the text from the e-Stack that you used.

4.  We will spend a portion of the class reviewing your summaries and hopefully you will find something useful for your EA, IA and/or upcoming group presentations.

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