Thursday, December 6, 2012

Article Choices for Monday 12/10/12

 E-Copy & Hard Copy for Class
Be ready to present your summary to the class: Minute to Go Style

Name                               Article/Video

Josh - 6 Metaphors to Explain Math

Paige - educating black boys

Benay - You are not so smart

Jazmine A - 8 things society says you need to do but you don't

Franklin- would you kill baby hitler? Press

Jessica- does wisdom come with age?

Kayla- The Western World and the Death of Speech

Jasmine BW- surgeons grow a replacement ear for cancer patient- on her arm

Ihunanya- music and culture gone

Aaliyah- SIRS: Study Shows How to Spot Crocodile Tears

Youto - kenan Malik on Morality without God

Michael - "Misconduct, not error, is the source of most retracted papers." (Scientific American)

Linda- Five Common Biology Myths (or "science in the service of the anthropocentric patriarchy")

JaYeon - Your perception is your reality

Lovely- why are IQ's rising - and how to get better grades

William-  birds hold 'funerals' for the dead

James- birth of word

Elijah-war against atheism

Belleh- people merge supernatural and scientific beliefs do ghosts exist?

Nathaniel-twitter language and gender

Selena-can happiness be measured

Guyvin-5 psychological experiments that proved humanity is doomed

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