Monday, November 26, 2012

Make-Up Assignment for Twilight Zone Video

Watch the Brooks TED video and take notes while watching. 

Submit your 3 open-ended questions by 7 am to my email.

Thanks to Brittney, Linda, Elijah, JaYeon, Nathaniel & Togoe for their KI!
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This assignment is now closed.  10:51 am 11/27/12

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  1. 1. To what extent does self-actualization have to do with emotion as opposed to reason?

    2. Can we as individuals separate emotion when reasoning?

    3. Why do we tend to focus on the conscious mind (reason) and tend to ignore the unconscious mind (emotion)?

    How does emotion affect our acceptance of impractical information?

    To what extent does reason give value to a claim?
    To what extent does emotion affect the pursuit of knowledge?

    1. Why do Politicians tend to interact with people so closely? But the average Americans tend to hate violated personal space?

    2.What makes a group that is not intellectually smart, work good together? How can they function without that knowledge which seems very important?

    3. Can a mother determine her child's future by the way she interacts with him/her?

    1. To what extent is reason separated from emotion?

    2. To what extent do incentives contribute to rational thinking over emotional?

    3. To what extent does the lack of emotional thinking lead to overcompensation of physical and material things?

    1. To what extent emotion affect one's reasoning?

    2. Is the knowledge acquired from social interactions more valuable than that we acquire from our emotions?

    3. To what extent can gender be a factor in our reasoning process?

    4. Is the reasoning or knowledge of a group considered more valuable than that of a single individual?


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