Monday, November 19, 2012

Library Activities 11/20/12 & Over The Break

Activity One:  DONE

Activity Two:  If you plan to attend the social, then please RSVP:   Link to RSVP is here
                         (Already RSVPed or not planning to attend....Activity 3)

Activity Three:  Click the link and complete the form after having reviewed the Prescribed Titles

 Activity Four:  Work on Your Extended Essay

~Review the EE Rubric
~Consult with your EE Mentor prior to the Thanksgiving Break
~Review EE Guidlines
~Review EE Exemplars

(All of the above is on our site IBParkdale )


Over the Break & Through 1st Week of January

1.  Watch Twilight Zone Video and take notes while watching.  Develop 3 open-ended questions that we can discuss when we return from the break.  Submit those questions by email by 8 pm 11/25/12

2.   Read the Emotion Chapter (Our last WOK) & Annotate it by 11/30/12

3.  Group Presentations on the WOK that is the most important/relevant/reliable on 12/14/12
      (Assessment Grade)

4.  Full Outline for chosen Prescribed Title Due January 4, 2013 (see calendar for deadlines)

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