Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Library Activities


To what extent to we need evidence to confirm our beliefs?

  • Discuss your thought process behind answering a question such as this.
  • Post your response at the link  here

Activity One
  • Find your rubric for the evaluation of the external essay.
  • I will share a document with you and your partner for the essay due Monday 10/22
  • Decide who will evaluate what part of the essay Criterion A & C  Criterion B & D**
  • Highlight the area in the document where you want to make a comment
  • Locate the insert button in the top menu in the document
  • Click comment and type in the box to the right where your user name appears
  • Please review the document with a fine tooth comb and assign a grade to the criteria

Activity Two
  •  Work on your essay with your partner or solo
  • Confer with Ms. Swift on an as-need basis

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