Monday, September 10, 2012

Deadlines for the week!!

By Wednesday:

Write/type your prepared responses from the Companion Book:

Question 1:  Kayla, Ja Yeon, Guyvin, Jasmine B, Jazmine A. & Paige

Question 2:  William, Steve, Nathaniel, Junior & James

Question 3:  Elijah, Brittney, Traje, Belleh & Linda

Question 4:  Esther, Togoe, Ihu, Aaliyah, Selena & Romance

Question 5:  Benay, Jessica, Stella, Lovely, Josh & Michael

Question 6:  Everyone

You will have time in your expert groups and then jigsaw to groups to discuss Qs 1-5


By Friday:

Respond to at least one question in the reflection journal and make a new entry.


  1. Depth
  2. Links to WOK & AOK
  3. Personal Perspective
  4. Knowledge Issue (s)

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